Technical equipment

"NEFTGAZMONTAJ" possesses one of the largest in Uzbekistan parks of modern road-building and special equipment for the construction of pipeline systems and industrial and commercial facilities. Considering the fact that "NEFTGAZMONTAJ" was established in 2004 - most of the equipment was purchased in 2004-2011. The fleet of equipment has more than 650 units. There is also a unique in its kind special equipment, some samples are the only ones in Uzbekistan.

  • Tower crane LIEBHERR" MK 100 – a five-axle self-propelled tower crane with a maximum boom length of 52 meters, within the radius of which a cargo weighing 1.6 tons can be lifted.
  • Truck crane "LIEBHERR" LTM 1250/1 with a lifting capacity of 250 tons and boom length of 72 meters
  • Welding complex “CRC-Evans”
  • Installation for combined pipelines welding by STT + M300C technology
  • Installation of horizontal directional drilling PD 250/90 RP - production of "PRIMEDRILLING".
  • Mobile pipe-bending machine “Prime Drilling” PB 38/48
  • Auto-concrete pumps "MAN" and "HOWO" with flexible pipe length of 48 metres
  • Air compressors ND 18/101, designed for air compression up to 100-250 atmospheres, at a capacity of up to 40 Nm³/min.
  • Mobile diesel driven screw compressor stations ZIF-PV-12 / 0,7 with capacity of 12 m3/min.

The Department of Construction Machinery and Mechanisms "NEFTGAZMONTAJ" is located in Bukhara region, the Kagan district, and has the main range of construction equipment.