Instrumentation and automation

Instrumentation and automation area

"NEFTGAZMONTAJ" comprises the instrumentation and automation area. A qualified team of specialists in installation work of instrumentation and low-current systems, has a wide experience in working at oil and gas facilities, as well as at social construction sites in the Republic of Uzbekistan

The instrumentation and automation area of "NEFTGAZMONTAJ" consists of highly professional specialists and performs the following types of works related to instrumentation and automation equipment installation, automation of pumping station systems, all types of automatic fire fighting, electrical installation work, operation of the electro technical laboratory, installation of fire alarm systems and communication equipment:

1.The instrumentation and automation, automation system installation:

  • steelwork erection of cable bridges, instrument piping, under devices, isolation valves installation, fitting connections;
  • installation of switchboards, panels and cabinets;
  • Installation of cable products;
  • Installation of devices;

2. Insulation-resistance test, instrument piping test.

3.Wire identification, cable crossings and connections to automatic control system and pipelines.

4.Installation of pumping stations, automatic fire extinguishing systems:

  • installation and setup of foam fire-fighting system.
  • installation and setup of gas-extinguishing system.
  • installation and setup of sprinkler system (water extinguishing).

5.Erection work on weak current:

  • installation and setup of security and fire alarm (SFA).
  • installation and setup of local computing system.
  • installation and setup of telecommunications network.
  • installation and setup of video control system.
  • installation and setup of television system.
  • installation and setup of warning/alarming system.
  • installation and setup of safescan-perimeter systems.

6. Electro-technical laboratory work (ETL):

  • start-up and adjustment operations
  • routine check and maintenance of electrical equipment with a voltage of 6-10kV
  • (installation, adjustment and maintenance of integrated transformer substation).
  • testing and measurement of electrical installations, electrical networks, grounding devices, measuring insulation resistance of electrical wiring.
  • installation and setup of the variable speed controller from 10 kW to 1200 kW and smooth starting.
  • detecting and eliminating a cable break.
  • installation and setup of continuous current of electric motor.
  • installation and setup of synchronous motors and excitatory devices.

There are licenses and permits for all types of work performed.