Concrete production

"NEFTGAZMONTAJ" LLC has at its disposal three concrete mixing plants: LIEBHERR Compactmix 0.5, "VOYAGER 90" (Italy), and a concrete production installation in China.

Mobile concrete installations can be moved to another location and adapted to any external conditions. The construction of highways, airports, tunnels, dams - all these industries have their own features and impose their requirements for configuration of concrete plants.

Mobile concrete installations fully meet two very important requirements:

- modular construction

- the capability of mounting/dismounting within the shortest possible period of time (preparation of installation for concrete production on a new construction site takes 2-3 hours).

Concrete mixing plant LIEBHERR Compactmix 0.5 is a small concrete mixing plant of up-to-date design: simple, reliable and equally suitable to produce ready-mixed concrete, as well as concrete for production plants or finished structures.

Technical specifications:

- The number of stored concrete sorts: 1 - 4;

- The productivity of cement augers: 25 t/h;

- Max. weight load for concrete aggregate: 1500 kg;

- Max. weight load for concrete: 250 kg

- Max. weight load for concrete for water (alternatively): 120 l;

- The size of ring-pan mixer of the company Liebherr: 500/750 l;

- The productivity on harsh concrete: 30 m³/h;

- The productivity on freshly placed unconsolidated concrete: 43 m³/h;

- Required water pressure (in open valve): 4-6 bar;

- Required water pressure (in open valve): 58-87 PSI;

- Total power for basic machine: 30 kW;

- Operational stress and frequency 400 V /50 hz;

- Additional warehouses volumes for concrete aggregate: pocket bunker 40m³, inline bunker 70 – 140m³, star-shaped warehouse 300 – 800m³.

Mobile concrete plant "VOYAGER 90", Spain

Basic characteristics of mobile concrete installation is its compactability and operating reliability.

- Mobile installation;

- Ready to work in 2-3 hours’ time;

- Real performance of a twin-shaft horizontal mixer: - 90 m3/hour - «VOYAGER 90»;

- Real performance of a twin-shaft horizontal mixer: - 90 m3/hour – « VOYAGER 90»;

- Fully-autonomous work on preparing the Concrete mixtures;

- Equipped with all necessary equipment, cables and delivery pipes laid in the structure of installation;

- Equipped with automated computer control Beton Mind and capable to autonomously control the mechanisms of the hydraulic system;

- Has constructive solutions for precise dosing of inert materials;

- Does not pollute the environment;