Ground construction objects of "NEFTGAZMONTAJ"


Family clinic with 270 places located in Sakkok street, Uchtepa district (Tashkent)

School № 28 with 1600 places located in Karasaray street and mahalla center (Tashkent)

Reconstruction and accomplishment of memorial complex "Hazrati Imom" (Tashkent)

The "UzGazOil" office located in Afrosiab street, and seven automobile fuel stations were completed (Tashkent)

Capital reconstruction of the textile factory "GURLANTEKS" (Gurlen)

The construction of a sewing workshop located between Zarkainai and Ismoil Shoshiy streets (Tashkent)

Reconstruction of the "Medical Urological Center" (Urgench)


Reconstruction of school № 28 with 1600 places located in Karasaray street (Tashkent)

Reconstruction and accomplishment of the memorial complex "Hazrati Imom" located between Zaikarnar, Ismoil Shoshiy and Karasaray streets, in Almazar district (Tashkent)

Construction of makhalla center, sewing workshop, polyclinic, sports facilities, children's playground and resting place in the 11th quarter of Uchtepa district (Tashkent).

Construction complex of social facilities in Uchtepa district. Polyclinic with 270 places (Tashkent).

Eight automobile filling stations for "UzGazOil" (Tashkent)

Construction of a water park in a youth park (Margelan)

Construction of sewing workshop, physical culture and sports hall, outpatient clinic and police station in H. Gafurov street of Sheikhantour district. (Tashkent)

Sewing shop in Zaamin settlemnet

Orphan asylum in Andijan city

Major repairs of facilities in the territory of "Relay and Automation" JSC


Exhibition center of youth creativity in Hsuleymanova street (Tashkent)

Makhalla Center "Guruch Arik"

Addition to the museum in memory of the victims of repression

Palace of Forums "Uzbekistan" (Tashkent)

Ten automobile filling stations for "UzGazOil" (Tashkent))

Hotel and office "GISSARNEFTGAS"


Sports and fitness complex "JAR". Football field, athletics field and Under-consumption premises. (Tashkent)

Fuel filling station, fuel and gas filling station in Gijduvan street (Bukhara)

The processing plant for processing polymetallic ores based on "Khandiza" deposit

Residential houses in Abdullah Kadiri street (Tashkent)

Construction works at "Bunyodkor" stadium (Tashkent)