The Automative Transport Department of "NEFTGAZMONTAJ" LLC is located in Tashkent, the total area of the territory is 5.4 ha. It has its own repair area. In the repair zone, maintenance and repair area, a battery shop, a vulcanization site, a mechanized car wash, a workshop for repairing fuel equipment, a site for diagnosing and repairing cars with such equipment as:

1) injectors testing rig;

2) rig for balancing and wheel alignment;

3) balancing rig;

4) air compressor;

in the service of department there are 324 vehicles in total:

Autocranes - 17 units: among them "LIEBHERR" LTM 1250/1, "LIEBHERR" LTM 1150-5,2, "LIEBHERR" LTM 1070-4.1, "MAN"

Mobile tower crane "LIEBHERR" MK100;

Dong Feng aerial platform with a lifting height of 14 meters, lifting platforms JLG Vertikal Working Platform from 10 to 22 meters - 9 units, Genie Z135 / 70 Genie crankshaft with a lifting height of 47 meters.

Dump trucks: RENAULT, HOWO, SINOTRUK, URAL, MAN - 73 units;

Pipe carriers: KRAZ-6322, URAL-43204 - 41 units;

Auto-mixers: RENAULT, HOWO, SINOTRUK - 14 units;

Tractor: КЗКТ and 7428-11 (Rusich)- 2 units, all-terrain vehicle;

Truck tractors: NOKA and DOHG FENG - 27 units;

Trawls: VOLVO FM-66T and VOLVO FM-69 - 9 units;

Cement carriers: NOCA - 4 units;

Concrete pump: CIFA and HOWO - 2 units;

Gas carrier: Zil - 130 LNG - 1 unit;

Fuel tankers and gasoline tankers: URAL, ISUZU, MAZ, ZIL - 11 units;

Special-purpose drilling and digging machines: MAZ and URAL - 2 units;

On-board vehicles: ISUZU and GAZELLE - 3 units;

Buses: ISUZU - 3 units;

86 - units of various cars.